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We are a distinguished company certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as a HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zones) and 8(a) (Minority-owned Business) enterprise.

We have Governmentwide Acquisition STARS III Contract, to provide IT services-based solutions to the federal government.


Why Choose Us

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Data Engineering

ibLaunch specializes in providing cutting-edge data engineering solutions to help organizations turn their data into actionable insights. Data is the backbone of modern businesses, and we provide a reliable and robust infrastructure to manage and analyze data effectively.
Our data engineers use leading tools and technologies to create custom solutions to your unique needs. Whether you're looking to build a data warehouse, migrate your data to the cloud, or optimize your data processing pipeline, ibLaunch has you covered.
We collaborate with our clients to understand their business goals and objectives. Our solutions are scalable and flexible, to adapt to changing business needs and keep ibLaunch ahead of the competition.
ibLaunch delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions that drive business value. Our expertise in data engineering, combined with our focus on customer satisfaction, makes us the go-to partner for organizations looking to unlock the full potential of their data.

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Data Science

Our data scientists extract meaning from and interpret data. We use tools and methods from statistics and ML, as well as the human input. We spend time in the process of collecting, cleaning, and munging data. Our approach requires persistence, statistics, and software engineering skills—which are also necessary for understanding biases in the data, and for debugging logging output from code.
ibLaunch will find patterns, build models, and create algorithms—to understand product usage and the overall health of the product, and to serve as prototypes that ultimately get baked into the product. We may design experiments that are a critical part of data-driven decision-making. We communicate with team members, engineers, and leadership in clear language and with data visualizations. Colleagues who are not immersed in the data will understand the implications.

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Data Security

Our Cybersecurity team delivers security solutions that are resilient against known attacks and adapt to a changing threat environment. We focus on proactive protection, including Penetration Testing, Threat Hunting, Ethical Hacking, and Adversary Emulation.
Our areas of expertise include software security, active defense, security assessment, security engineering, firewall design, penetration testing, mobile device security, mobile application security, code review with automated static analysis, security testing in quality assurance, and security testing in production. We ensure that our client's most valuable data is protected wherever it is stored, processed, or transmitted, on a wide range of devices, technologies and architectures.

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Data-driven Workforce

Our Workforce Solutions team works with current and future employees. We can provide training that supports a more Data Literate, Data-Driven, and Diverse Workforce.
Our training and workforce development solutions respond to the Executive Order for Federal employees to become more data-driven and trained in Data Analytics, ML, and AI. We increase data literacy and data-driven decision-making by training minimally experienced and non-technical staff about the basics of data and how it impacts their work.


We adhere to client-centric values and principles.


Client First Commitment

Our top priority is to respond to each client's unique mission, goals, requerrment, schedule and budget.


Spirit of Service

ibLaunch consistently exceeds clients' Performance Standards, Acceptable Quality Levels and expectations of accessibility.



We work closely with clients - in person and virtually - to design, test, implement, and evaluate solutions that meet their needs.



Our clients trust us to deliver responsive solutions, on time and within budget, and to maintain confidentiality of data.



From startup through closeout, we remain accountable to our clients for the quality, timeliness, cost, and effectiveness of our services.



We create original solutions and enhance clients' own resources to meet specific challenges, within approved schedules and budgets.


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